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How to Achieve a Coastal Christmas

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Coastal Christmas: How to achieve a beachy theme with simple tips || By Shar Middleton

We see it in all the Instagram posts, Pinterest pages & magazines. We always commit to creating our own mood board but it never really eventuates because life (and patience gets in the way). Here are some "time poor" Mama hacks to creating the perfect Summer beachy, Turquoise Bay Coastal Christmas!

The Tree:

So there are a few different but achievable ideas here... 

1. Buy it - I mean, it's the simplest solution right? There are many "frosted" looking trees on the market today and they easily double as snow or a coastal whitewash look. Amazon have some great trees for sale & ON SALE!

2. Spray paint your current Christmas Tree - As whitewashed as you like! Like Montana Acrylic Spray in white. 

Some tips to help you:
  • Spray outside!!! 
  • If you have lights already attached to your tree make sure you mask them up with tape.
  • Make sure it's completely dry before adding your decorations.

 3. Driftwood Trees - Here's a link to an awesome DIY page helping you create the perfect driftwood tree for this Christmas.

(Image credit:


The most important thing to note here is to keep your decorations the same, as in colour palette, materials & theme. With this in mind you could add as many trinkets to your tree without it looking like chaos!

Here are some perfect NATURAL deco ideas to add:

Seashells - Simple! Get the kids out looking for shells, add some twine or string and WHAAALAAA! You could even paint them or add glitter.



Paper Crafts - Here is a short simple video I found on now to fold the perfect paper stars. The kids could definitely be involved in this one!

Feathers - Another simple addition to any Christmas tree. White feathers sprayed with glitter spray will really make your tree pop!
White Cord, Rope or Twine - What better way to introduce the beach than to add cord to your Christmas Tree!
Calico, Torn White or Blue Fabric, Hessian - Different textures will definitely add a coastal vibe this Christmas.
Anything glass or clear acrylic - Like this absolute find from Amazon! Ocean Themed Garland.

Shartruese Ornaments - And to finish off your tree of course our beautiful selection of ornaments are simply a must to achieve the coastal look.


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